Wednesday, 30 November 2011

donna hay's garlic chickpeas and chorizo

By crikey it's busy today: there are two challenges tonight, and we've had a tasting in the office with the lovely Mr Peter Franus and his Zinfandel, and his to-die-for Merlot. Seriously - To. Die. For.

Not only that, I had to do some white man van-ing on the way home, all of which meant Ana is in charge of dinner, and to be honest the little lady plays a blinder *pats her bottom, but in a supportive feminist manner, thinks about signing her up on a secretarial course*.

The house was tidy, she'd done a full day at her hobby-job, Milo was asleep and there was Donna Hay's garlic chickpeas and chorizo on the hob. Not quite warm on the table, and not quite enough, but she did well. For a woman. Opens a beer, reads Nuts and Zoo...

garlic chickpeas and chorizo - Donna Hay, Fast, Fresh, Simple - p14


  1. and from Ana: *punches in gonads*

  2. I thought this was a true story until I saw you read Nuts AND Zoo. No man can read that much literature in one day.

  3. Vince you make an excellent point, although 'read' is probably stretching it a bit. I suspect 'Browse with eyes Nuts AND Zoo' might be closer to the truth. As a feminist of course.

  4. Oh Lucyfer, how about Knave and Club? Bloggers wives?