Sunday, 20 November 2011

anjum anand's green chicken biryani

With Ana due back from Norge this evening, the plan is to loaf around for most of the day before getting a slow stew on the go for a couple of hours. This then leaves plenty of time to give Milo a bath, get him into his rumble suit, pick up mummy from Heathrow, and get back in time for dinner. What could possibly go wrong?

As it turns out, good old British Fog is too 'hard' for the weak-willed Norwegians, and whilst we're playing hide-and-seek in the park, Oslo has shut down. When Ana does eventually arrive home, a full four hours late on the last plane out of Norway, she's less-than impressed and not at all in the mood for an experimental curry.  Which is tough as it's spent the last two hours ticking away...


It's only experimental in the sense I've never cooked it before but I have eaten it, care of the divine Mrs Lucy Brenda Taylor Baxendale on our last trip to the Country, and sweet lord it's a good 'un! As is she, of course.

green chicken biryani - Anjum's New India. I found the recipe here, although I'm definitely getting the book. Lucy, you're sooo inspirational!


  1. you are too kind RGB! I made it again (actually, the same night as you) but it wasn't as good as the first attempt - I cut too many corners and so it was a bit 'meh'

    Defo get her book though - we've made looooads from it and its pretty failsafe *ahem* assuming no corner cutting!

    loving your work as usual! x