Sunday, 17 November 2013

simon hopkinson's tomato curry

Despite the success of last week’s forage-tastic chestnut and sage soup (and that’s in spite of the fact we effectively stole the chestnuts from Richmond Park, *and* the consequent shagging up of the quicks of my nails peeling the bastards), Ana seems mightily unimpressed with the idea of an experimental chestnut, mushroom and kale pie tonight.

This is a shame as I’ve got 400g of kale in the fridge, and I’ve circumvented a repeat of man-crying-with-shards-of -shell-embedded beneath-his-nails, but buying a box of prepared chestnuts. Incredibly this still doesn’t sway the crowd, and we settle for comforting bowls of Simon Hopkinson’s tomato curry.

 Well, comforting in the sense it revives Ana after a day’s worth of marking, but seems to have the opposite effect on Milo, who has spent most of the afternoon collapsing in tears at the slightest thing.

tomato curry - Simon Hopkinson, Delicious, November 2007, p86

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