Sunday, 3 November 2013

rosie ramsden's pumpkin, feta and pine nut filo layer

One of the many fall outs from Milo’s party, other than the huge bag of recycling, the cupboard full of crisps and sweets and outbreaks of overtired tears, is the unexpected glut of pumpkins in the house.

Normally these would just end up as soup as everybody likes it and it’s easily freezable, however an Ana-fuelled trip to IKEA means we need to off-set rugs with as frugal a week as possible, so hold on to your hats for a full week of squash-based fun!

Tonight’s dinner was actually pre-planned as I was allowing for using up the carved pumpkins from Hallowe’en: An experimental pumpkin and feta pie. However despite this being on the weekly recipe list, we still don’t seem to have any eggs, garlic or enough lemon.

Even so, I’m mildly surprised how well it turns out, particularly as I went rogue and used up some crème fraiche in place of the eggs (I was thinking bulk), and I don’t think I used enough oil on the filo pastry:

Despite the claggy nature of the Feta, the lemon zest such as there was worked hard to cut through the stodge, and the pumpkin was sweeter and lighter. I can see where the garlic might’ve helped lift it, mind. All-in-all a great success although we’ll see how Milo fares with it after school tomorrow, and I think next time a green salad would be an excellent accompaniment rather than the beans.

pumpkin, feta and pine nut filo layer - Rosie Ramsden, Delicious, October 2013, p66

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