Tuesday, 7 December 2010

yellow chicken curry with pineapple

We haven't had this for ages, probably since living in Lacy Road, almost entirely because I'd managed to lose the recipe. However a sudden burst of tidying reveals it hidden down the back of my bedside table, so we finally have a reason to buy pineapples again that isn't simply because Milo thinks they're funny.

Not only do we have old curry friends in the (freezing cold because the heating doesn't work) house, we've also got an old college friend in the form of Miss Eleanor O'Brien, pictured here trying to absorb as much heat as possible from the plate of curry:

Doesn't she look happy? Anyway, here's the dish. It's actually a thai curry, which I'd forgotten about although it does explain the pineapple and the lemon grass. It's quite fragrant and whilst you can make it super hot if you like, the fruit does take the edge off. I'm glad it's returned to us...

yellow chicken curry with pineapple - Oi Cheepchaiissara (no, really), Fresh Thai c/o Zest Magazine

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