Thursday, 9 December 2010

ana's birthday

The lovely Ana's birthday dawns bright and beautiful, but our plans for a day spent shopping and lunching are dust in our mouths because the boiler man coming to fix the heating at 1300...

So with limited time we offload Milo onto Julia and head into Richmond for some light shopping, however we discover a spanking deli instead. Giuliano's is next to our usual Richmond Pub of Choice, and looks a bit intimidating, but in fact the staff are really nice and everything looks brilliant. I would have quite literally had everything but made do with bolognese with cappelletti pasta, whilst Ana had basil and cheese ravioli, as well as four pannetone. These were gifts you understand.

We also had some fizz to drink with our take away back home where "hey presto!", our heating is back online. Can there be any better birthday gift?

Sadly Milo lucked out of this culinary glory, and had to make do with broccoli and macaroni cheese, not that he was complaining. Apparently the trick is to grill the cheese at the end:

With him done we head out for dinner with Kendra and Brian at the brilliant About Thyme in Victoria/Pimlico. Seriously, go there it's fab and still a secret just about, although apparently the concierge at the Manderin Oriental is now recommending it...

For the record we had:
  • Fizz - lots
  • Piquillo peppers stuffed with cheese, fillet steak with fries, and creme brulee (Ana and Kendra)
  • Beetroot and mozzerella-stuffed courgette flowers, steak and poached pear & ice cream (me)
  • Piquillo peppers, sea bass and espresso (Brian Bolger esquire)
  • Red wine - lots
  • White wine - a surfiet
It was marvelous. Hurrah for birthdays!

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