Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cooking Milo Jamie Oliver's fish meatballs. Feeding him pizza.

A long time ago I made Milo Jamie Oliver's fish meatballs. I seem to remember him wolfing them down, and in my memory I recall them being surprisingly tasty: meaty, hearty and with a lovely tomatoey sauce.

Inspired our trip to Norway - and particular the concept of fiskebolle (fishballs) - I decide to recreate the heady days of having a compliant toddler/going to Scandinavia.

Things don't get off to a good start as due to the fact I've not stuck any fish recipes into a book yet, I've got to spend an hour or so going through the cuttings folder looking for it. However, once I've got it we're golden, and with a monster fruit salad thrown in for good measure:

Of course none of this takes into account the fact Milo and Ana are having none of it, and if I'd read my original blog I would've realised he didn't eat them last time either - curse you memory playing me for a fool!

Still, the freezer is now full of about 4 lots of fishballs and tomato sauce. Sigh...

fish meatballs with tomato sauce - Jamie Oliver, Delicious 2005, now in a folder in the spare room and likely to stay there.

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